Why is a ParaTinder Paracord Bracelet a Must-Have Tool?

A single paracord bracelet can literally save your life.

It’s made from the same nylon cord used in military parachutes, which is why it’s called paracord. This cord is woven together into a bracelet so it’s easy to carry.

The bracelet is so useful because the paracord can be easily unwoven again when you need it. There are many different kinds of paracord bracelets, but most are 8 to 20 feet long when unwoven. Each main cord consists of seven smaller nylon yarns, which can also be taken out and used on their own.

Some bracelets are made from a single cord while others are made from two shorter cords. If a bracelet is two different colors, that’s a good sign it’s made from two cords.

Any of these cords have a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds. If you ever find yourself running out of food or in desperate need of shelter, a single paracord bracelet can become your main survival tool.

Let’s look at a few examples.

You Need More Food

If you’re out in the wilderness and miscalculated your food supply, your paracord can keep you fed.

Or if you find a flexible sapling, you can use the cord to make a bow. Find a few more sticks and file the tops into points, and you have some arrows. It may take a bit of practice, but it’ll let you hunt small game.

You can also turn your paracord into a fishing line. Take one of the nylon yards from the main cord, tie some bait to the end, and you may be able to catch some fish dinner.

And if you have a lot of other things you need to get done, you can set a few traps with your cord and catch something while you work.

You Have an Injury

Paracord is strong, and it’ll make a good tourniquet in a pinch. You can use the entire bracelet as is on your wrist or ankle. For other parts of your body, unravel the cord.

If you break a bone, you’ll need something hard you can use as a splint. Thick sticks will usually do fine, but without paracord, you’ll have a hard time getting them to stay in place.

For the best splints, wrap the area in something soft, put your firm split material over it, and wrap the paracord around both to keep everything in place.

You Need a Shelter

You can make all kinds of shelters with a paracord bracelet. For instance, you can use it to build a tent from a tarp of parachute by tying the top to tree branches.

If you’re traveling through areas with a lot of wildlife, you can also use the cord to hang your supplies off the ground, out of reach of bears or other animals.

You can even use the cord to make a fire with the bow-and-drill friction fire method. With a few cords, you can set up your entire camp.

Everyone Needs a ParaTinder Paracord Bracelet

If you’re the kind of person who likes to be out in nature, you need a paracord bracelet. Even if you tend to stay indoors, paracord is a necessary survival tool.

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