How Does a Driveway Patrol Alarm Enhance Your Safety?

With all types of burglaries on the rise in recent years, the home security industry has found new ways to stay ahead of thieves. Instead of waiting until burglars are at your door, you could be alerted before they get that close. A driveway patrol alarm is a great tool to alert you to people or vehicles that have arrived on your property without your knowledge

When they can, thieves will get a vehicle to help them burglarize more efficiently. They can get in, make multiple trips, and speed off to their next home in minutes. If they know where your valuables are located, they could sneak up to your home, get in, and get out before you’ve even gotten out of bed.

Setting up a driveway patrol alarm could be the best step for you to find out who’s on your property at odd hours of the night. Here are 4 ways they can enhance security at your home.

Be Prepared

Depending on the needs of your home and your family, you can get a driveway alarm system that’s wired or wireless. A wired system is dependable but usually a little harder to set up while a wireless system allows you to control your alarm remotely.

You’ll be alerted when the motion sensors detect movement of animals, people, or cars, depending on your setting. You’ll know about unexpected arrivals via a tone or signal that you can adjust to your needs.

If there are any trespassers, you’ll be the first to know. Depending on your system, you could be alerted long before they arrive at your doorstep. Even if you’re in a friendly community in the woods, you’ll be able to get the cat inside if there’s a bear lurking around.

Set It for Vehicles Only

Depending on your situation, you might not need to know about everything that passes your house. You can install your patrol alarm in such a way that it will only alert you to passing vehicles.

Using magnetic metal detectors, as they can warn you of any vehicles by radio waves. The receiver will then alert you when it detects an abnormality. This is a reliable and affordable option for most homeowners.

Easy Installation

Driveway patrol alarm systems are simple to install for even the least technologically inclined. Follow the simple instructions included with the installation and with a few basic tools, you could be set up by the afternoon.

Saving money by hiring a professional alarm company makes this a worthwhile purchase for even the most tightly budgeted homeowner.


Driveway alarm systems can be easy to set up as well as cheap. A wireless system can be set up quickly with costs ranging less than $200. Your wired system will be the most dependable option but cost about twice as much.

A Driveway Patrol Alarm Will Secure Your Home

Whether you’ve got a lot of valuables to protect or you just want to keep your family safe, a driveway alarm system can serve both functions at a low cost. Installing one can bring peace of mind and will keep you from losing any valuables to burglars.

If you’re ready to start looking into an alarm system for your home, contact us today for more information.

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