Using a Bug Detector: Is Your Hotel Room Bugged?

Let’s be honest. Entering a hotel room is like entering a stranger’s house. In fact, you don’t really know what you’re going to find and you definitely don’t know who’s been in there before.

The following three reasons are just some extra ice particles on the tip of the iceberg. Let’s delve into the real reasons why you need a bug detector, shall we?

1. Blackmail

To be honest, this is the most common scenario. Most of the time, the very first thing you do after you check-in is to take a shower and hit the road. However, this shower could easily prove critical and actually victimize you.

Even without really sophisticated equipment, someone could record you and then blackmail you for money or even post the video online. As much as we love the Internet today, it has proven quite dangerous in similar cases.

So you can see how a bug detector could save you both money and reputation.

2. It Depends on Who You Are

Are you someone who has some serious contacts related to work? Are your calls or meetings worth someone’s attention? Then you might be just the right target for someone who is looking to elicit some confidential, sensitive information.

A hotel room feels like the perfect place for someone who might want to make you his subject of investigation.

However, we do know what you’re thinking: “What if this is a good hotel?” No matter how many stars it might have or the quality of a hotel, searching for bugs is usually not included in a hotel’s services list.

As a result, another guest could bug your room just before you check-in.

3. Is a Private Investigator Working on You?

Think about your recent or even further past. Have you ever done anything that could have pissed someone off? Is anybody suspecting you of anything?

Then, a private investigator might be looking into you.

Detectives work with hidden bugs when they want to know more about a target. So, if, for example, you’re having an affair and your spouse has become suspicious, you need to look for bugs.

Just in case!

How Does a Bug Detector Work?

Before we take a look at the types of detectors you can choose from, let’s see how they work.

Bug detectors are nothing more or less than a radio receiver that can pick up electromagnetic signals in a space where they are broadcasted from another device or, in our case, a bug. While other devices are just programmed to broadcast radio into data, a detector just informs you when it receives a strong frequency.

By lighting up and ringing an alarm, then moving the device around a room, you will be able to track down hidden recording devices.

The good news is that most radio signals are quite similar to each other and they can be easily recognized. Turn your detector on, walk around the room and wait to see if there is any notification.

Types of Bug Detectors

Most people would say that there are just two types of technologies that people use to spy on other people: Video and audio. However, we are here to tell you there are three types of detectors out there:

  • Audio detectors
  • Video detectors
  • GPS detectors

However, all of the spying devices operate on a radio frequency (RF) system and use a lower range, between 1-3 MHz. This alone makes the size of bugs quite small but this does not affect their effectiveness. Just think that for a phone bug to work, it does not even have to be attached to the telephone device but just close to it!

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